I don’t know what you think of when you hear the word ‘champion.’ For me, it is a north-eastern word associated with short vowels, large girth and wide smiles. Champion is an adjective in some parts, a descriptor of things being ‘really very good.’

It struck me today that I have, sometimes consciously and sometimes less so, looked for people to champion me all my life; for those to get alongside me and share in MY vision, to pursue MY goals. I think most leaders would agree, at least in part, with this.

The world says that my efforts are worth less if I am not championed by others. If I don’t have as many likes, follows or hashtags my thoughts and ideas are somehow less valuable.
The Bible however, is fairly clear in various passages that the opposite is actually true.


If I speak with the tongues of many angels and yet have no love…then what is it all for? I may sound beautiful but it won’t be from the place of love, service, truth.
As leaders, we need to be people who build platform for people around us, and be willing to serve them.
The trouble with me is that I have often waited for people to do this for me. I’m being honest, it’s not gone well. Waiting for approval, for recognition and a sense of following is not that theologically sound.

I am learning, albeit annoyingly slowly, that I don’t need to wait for man’s or women’s approval or connection. I already have heaven’s.

And for me, that’s champion.