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Good Grief – Living through Loss

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or purchase any 2 books for just £15!



“For anyone who has ever lost someone, been disappointed by life or struggled to believe in God, this is a brilliantly communicated must-read!’

Andy Hawthorne OBE

“Warm, accessible, feed-the-soul stuff, Ems mingles reality and inspiration – a wonderful combination. Highly recommended”

Jeff Lucas (Author, Speaker, Broadcaster) 

“Ems Hancock has the perspective of a poet, the mind of a philosopher, and the heart of an angel. I can think of no one better to be our personal tour guide into the recesses and sunlit pathways of a life lived in truth and beauty, with a bit of wry humor sprinkled on.  Follow her in these pages. You will be glad you did.”

Bob Hamp (Author: “Think Differently, Live Differently”, Executive Pastor of Pastoral Care Gateway Church, Southlake, Texas & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)

“Ems is a very gifted writer and the subject matter of this book has affected us all.  I have observed how she has experienced grief over the last few years and feel that this book deals with real feelings in an open and occasionally shockingly honest way, rather than what the text-books tell us it should be.

I have found this book very helpful in my own grief journey and highly commend it to you.”

Debra Green OBE (National Director, Redeeming Our Communities)

“It can be a cliché to say that something you read makes you both laugh and cry, but Ems’ honest and helpful book had me doing both in the first few chapters.  If you are looking for a “10 steps to feeling awesome” self-help book, this isn’t it.  If you want something painfully and beautifully REAL then you will find it here.  You will find page after page of Hope.  A senseless and reckless Hope.  A Hope that believes that God makes all things new.  Hope to believe that even grief can become good.”

Ian Henderson (founder of The Naked Truth Project)