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NEW: The Habit Breaker – How to change for good

Are you battling with addictive behaviours?
Is your life dogged by destructive thought patterns?
Do you struggle to believe you will ever be truly free?
Do you make the same goals every year but never reach them?

If you answered yes to any of those, GOOD NEWS! This book is for you!

With gentle biblical wisdom and raw honest vulnerability, Ems Hancock shares how she conquered an eating disorder and other problem habits to live a life of freedom.
She shares how you can do the same.

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SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase all 3 books for £27 and get a FREE copy of my CD!
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“Ems brings her unique talent for the written word to the challenging and vital topic of our habits. I truly believe that our habits determine our future and ultimately our destiny. That means you are probably holding in your hands the most important book you’ve looked at for a very long time.”

Andy Hawthorne OBE  (Founder And Chief Executive Of The Message)

“Deeply honest, practical and engaging, The Habit Breaker will help you and those you love change negative patterns of
behaviour and discover how to live in hope and freedom.”

Katharine Hill  (Uk Director, Care For The Family)