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IN SECURITY – living a confident life

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SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase all 3 books for £27 and get a FREE copy of my CD!
or purchase any 2 books for just £15!



“Con’ and ‘fidence’ by definition means ‘with’ ‘faith’ and Ems is one person that can deliver this great teaching in bundles. I’m really looking forward to seeing what waves this book makes in transforming people to walk out their lives in true confidence, love and grace. 10 points Ems!!!!”

Lindz West  LZ7 & Light

“I lecture on ‘Confident Leadership’ because the best leaders are always the most secure. You’ll never fulfil the potential you were made for until you grapple with this issue and Ems will help you do so brilliantly. This book will make you laugh and think in equal measure.”

Anthony Delaney – Leader of Ivy Churches and NewThing Europe

“This book is thoughtful, honest and thought provoking and has had an instant effect on my thought patterns and internal dialogue. It’s made me want to be a better person, to let go of the junk I’ve been gorging on which has left me emotionally and spiritually glum.”

Gemma Hunt – TV presenter and Alpha Course Film Host

“I encourage you to read this book. Ems has a wonderful way of helping us to hold up a mirror, but instead of seeing our own reflection, she helps us to see Jesus.”

Alan Charter – Facilitator for the Global Children’s Forum and Chair of Home for Good