“God has given you something very special which was most obvious when you got up on stage on Saturday.  In a moment the atmosphere in the auditorium changed.  You spoke softly but with a command and authority that I felt came from God as the presence of the Holy Spirit came down.”

Dave Cooper

Scripture Union worker

“Your book is brilliant and raw and beautiful.

Writing is so central to what you’re to do with your one rare and beautiful life!

Yours with silent thankful tears…”

Rev Jonny Douglas

Reading “Good Grief” unlocked all the feelings I’ve ignored or suppressed over the years. The “what if’s” and the longings I’ve had.

I’ve been able to look back and recognise that I have always felt a part of me missing. I’ve been on a bit of a journey with God since reading it and I feel like I’ve properly grieved now. Thank you

A reader of Good Grief

Totally overwhelmed, amazed, blessed, thankful for this truly wonderful book you have written! I finished it this evening and wow I am totally blown away! Your honesty in the way you write is so moving. For so much of it I was sobbing on the train home! It has touched me on SO many levels. I felt that each page I turned you were speaking to my heart every time! There were so many things I could relate to and so many useful insights/nuggets of wisdom. Wow…just wow!!!

A reader of Good Grief

‘Every so often, something comes along that acts as a signpost for a fuller life. ‘In Security – living a confident life’ is one of those; funny, real, profound.  A master story teller, Ems delivers again, with a rich blend of honest life lessons and brilliant bible wisdom helping you to live life from a place of security.  You will love this book.’

Andy Smith

Creative Arts Team Leader, Ivy Churches

“This book nails it … getting to the heart of all those niggling little thoughts about ourselves that take the life out of life. The writing is warm, funny and wise, and the chapters are full of practical tips as well as deep insights. Ems has a way of saying it like it is, then saying it like it should be, and then saying it like it actually can be. Some books leave you longing for change … this book has you getting up and doing something positive.”

Lyndall Bywater