One of my sweet pals here has recently adopted the nickname “Emollient” for me. If you are as unfamiliar as I was with the exact and correct useage of this word, let me please be the very, very first to furnish you with the facts. Emollients are substances that soften and soothe the skin. Fact. (Well…I found it on Wickepedia like a proper secretary-type person.) They are used to correct dryness and scaling of the skin. They are also, a key component in the manufacture of many lipsticks, lotions, and other cosmeticky productalia.

The terms “moisturizer” (something that adds moisture or lubrication) and “emollient” (something that softens) are sometimes used interchangeably, as they describe different effects of these agents on the skin. However, the word emollient is most often used to describe single ingredients, whereas “moisturizer” describes finished products.

Wow. I bet you feel better already, yeah?!
Anyway, I like this nickname. I like what it signifies. I like the fact that I could be used by God to soften and soothe those who are dry and hurting. I also enjoy the fact that I am not a ‘finished product'”¦ God is still at work in me and every day is a school day! YAY!

‘Correcting dryness’ is not a specific calling of the few. I believe it is part of being a Christian. It isn’t always easy as it means we have to not mind getting ‘wet.’ (not in the limp handshake, look like you were dressed by a party of first year fashion students with a vendetta against ‘normal’ clothes kind of way) But wet spiritually. You don’t get wet just by allowing a few drops of water to hit you. You get wet by letting a full wave of water douse and soak you. Being wet like that is uncomfortable. Allowing God that close to you, to inconvenience you and cleanse you to that level is not easy. Its sacrificial and sometimes, downright odd. But take comfort from the many Biblical prophets God requested to do the strangest things. Against their example, our lives appear rather tame and normal at times…

But I don’t know a better way to live than to be closely connected and allied to Father and used by Him to soothe others.
I believe He built us all to have a deep love and concern for people’s healing and wholeness. When we look at people and can’t help but say to them, “What about this”¦? Have you thought of that”¦? Or, how would your life look if you didn’t carry that burden?’ We are being like Him – the ultimate soothing balm.

You see, there is often another way of looking at things. When asked if you want option a) or option b) maybe there is also a further option c) but you, and the person offering you the choices in the first place, need to look a little harder to find it?

Last night whilst out with friends, I was asked by a waiter if I wanted curly fries or chips with my meal. Just to see what he would say, I asked if my potato treats could be ‘ever so slightly bent.’ Sadly it appeared that this was not in any way possible. You would think that ‘curly’ was harder than ‘bent’ to achieve in the potato world. It appears not.

Sometimes we need to go ‘off piste’ in life and allow God to take us into new territory. New wine needs new wineskins otherwise it will spill all over your stilletoes.

God is doing a new thing in you. Your job?
To let Him.