The truth is God had a dream and wrapped your body around it. So what is God’s dream in you?

For some of us its to impact the nation in which we live
To offer wise counsel
To raise amazing leaders
To lift people’s heads
To feed the hungry
To clothe the naked

For others of us it is more abstract but just as valid
To make people laugh
To create beautiful art
To teach
To value others

Be aware that there will be many times In your future where God will call you to be in a position where he can do things through you, not necessarily FOR you.

Like Paul you may be called to be an enabler not just an achiever.

Let me say this, true joy I think is more of this.

We think joy is a thing to be found but actually we stumble over it on the way to obedience. Paul said Phil 4:11
“I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.”

Say that out loud. Have you learnt that? When your boss is horrid to you”¦ when you lose your job”¦ when your child is sick”¦ when things don’t work out the way you hoped?

There are 3 things we can do

1. Press on. This means not giving up when things don’t make sense.

In what areas have you grown weary of pressing on? When we press on there are also things we have to turn off. I have to choose to praise.

2. Grasp hold Of something. How we hold something changes depending on what it is.
If I pass you a baby you wouldn’t hold it by the ear. If I gave you something expensive or beautiful, you would hold it firmly. How tight are you holding on to God’s dream in you?

3. Forget what is behind – This is not passive. It’s not I FORGOT where I left my glasses. Its active! Its choosing not to remember. What are you remembering that is hampering your race? What is behind you that is pulling you back?

Some of us may need to cut a tie from the past, that regret, that bad relationship, that disappointment, that hurt. It may be dragging us back

We need to strain towards the goal to win the prize.

The Bible says this kind of obedience PRODUCES joy.

Joy that comes from obedience has benefits:
Freedom from things”‰-“‰Ecclesiastes 2:10″‰-“‰11
Freedom from despair”‰-“‰Isaiah 61:1″‰-“‰2
Comfort”‰-“‰Psalm 63:6″‰-“‰8, Psalm 94:18″‰-“‰19
Forgiveness/ Restoration”‰-“‰Psalm 51:12
Peace in our loss”‰-“‰Habakkuk 3:17″‰-“‰18
Peace in our waiting”‰-“‰2 Chronicles 20:21, 27
Freedom from bitterness”‰-“‰Lamentations 3:19″‰-“‰23
Strength when you are weak”‰-“‰Nehemiah 8:10
Joy even in our sorrow”‰-“‰2 Corinthians 6:10

The benefits of joy transform us. JOY is a characteristic of spiritual maturity AND surrender. It is a fruit of God’s spirit.
When we are joyful we are being like God.

What is God’s dream in you?
What circumstances are threatening your joy right now?
Where have you grown weary in pressing on?
What is pulling you back?