I hope you get hold of my books and truly enjoy them. But I want more for you than that. And to be honest I want more for my books than that too.
You see I want you to read my books and love them and write notes in them, but then I want you to deliberately pass them on to someone else in need of them…
A friend, a colleague, a neighbour.
They will see what I have written. Then they will see what YOU have written too.
OR and this is even MORE fun… You have my full permission to plant my books in a place someone else will discover them – like secret treasure. So leave them in libraries, museums, shops, on trams, buses and planes. Pop them in someone’s trolley, bag or pocket. Leave them behind at a party with a note in saying “Left behind on purpose.”
This is already happening. Friends have left them on buses and in coffee shops, in unexpected places where people might just stumble across them and open them and find their messages, and mine.
Reading is so wonderful for us and a huge way that God teaches and challenges our hearts. But imagine the person who discovers what YOU have learnt and heard as they read too. Imagine them passing that on again and again…
Imagine a book with notes written by countless individuals, travelling the globe, getting added to like a beautiful layered journal.
As we speak, books are winging their way across the world as people are being deliberate in this challenge. Will you join them?
Please take a photo of where you leave your book and send it to
Thank you.