The following blog is part of Heidi’s recent book, Reckless Devotion and is used with full and kind permission.

“We all carry something. Did you know that? Some of us carry pain. Some of carry joy. Some of us carry life. But we all carry something.

Can I ask you today what you are carrying with you? If I were to unpack your spiritual backpack, what would I find? What would I see?

I have already said that I used to be a pretty miserable Missionary. I would fuss at God and complain to Him about all sorts of things. I ‘carried’ a lot of grievances, I guess.

But over the years God has taught me so graciously through the love of His Holy Spirit how to be a joy carrier, a presence carrier and a fire carrier. And do you know what is beautiful about those aspects of God’s character? It is that they are unending. They flow and are never diminished or hidden.

Romans 15:13 says:
“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

I want to be like that, to ‘overflow’ in this way? Don’t’ you?

I laugh now when God sends me all over the world. I used to cry. I enjoy seeing people in many nations, I love responding to their needs and their questions and fears. It is part of my mandate. It is not a ‘bolt-on’ extra to my life anymore. God showed me that.

But I have to do it with joy, not with loathing or apathy or tiredness or a lack of peace. I would be nothing more than a ‘sounding gong’ doing it without love, wouldn’t I?

Have a good check today about what you are carrying. Ask God if you have the right things in your luggage and ask Him to reveal to you what you bring to those around you.”