Yesterday I decided to test our boys on their Bible knowledge. I asked Sam what the first book in the Old Testament was. He thought for a minute and then said questioningly, ‘Contents?’ Bless his heart.
So I asked Tom. He said, with equal confidence. “Jennifer?”

I can see that I have some work to do.

One of my favourite verses in Genesis (which, boys and girls IS the first book of the Old Testament!) is this one:
“The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

I have often dwelt on this verse and what it means for me. I am grateful to God that He has made me to be a helper to Jon -(although I sometimes wonder if I am more of a hindrance…) I am meant to be ‘suitable’ for him. His needs are meant to match my skills and vice versa.

A new friend of mine called yesterday whilst I was ironing all the name labels on the children’s uniform (A task which, incidentally, ate up two whole hours of my life) In the course of our chat, he spoke to me about this verse and revealed something very precious, but simple to me about it.

One of the most incredible reasons we are not called to live life ‘alone’ is that we are meant to reflect the image of God to one another. How do I know what God looks like until I see you? How do you know what God looks like until you see me?

We are not just meant to need and offer one another ‘help’ and counsel as partners in marriage, or in Christ. We are also made in the image of God and together, reflect aspects of His nature that we cannot find within ourselves. So, when I look at you, I can see something beautiful of Jesus that I cannot see in myself.

Another great reason why I am not meant to be alone.