God, we praise You today that you are our perfect Father and that your plans for each of us are to prosper us, as your children.
We thank you now for the gift of life you gave us through our biological fathers.
Whatever the circumstances of our birth, we thank you that you had your hand on our lives before we were born.

We praise you for each time you used the fathers and other men in our family, friends or church communities to bless us, teach us, protect us, champion us and care for us.
Lord, teach all the men where we are to be good fathers. Where things were not always modelled for them according to Your ways, heal those areas and help them to to forgive their own Dad’s. Give our men a revelation of You and a hunger in their hearts to really know You as their heavenly Father. Draw each of them closer to you in this year of prayer to spend time in Your presence so that they can become more like You, and fully understand Your Father’s heart of compassion and love toward them.

Give them skills of communication with their children. May they inspire their children to honor him as their father so that their lives will be long and blessed.

In this quiet moment, perhaps just think of one man you are personally grateful to God for, for the impact they have had on your life.

Lord, we pray now that You will strengthen the fathers we know and that You would continue to empower each of the men we love. Please strengthen them to be your faithful followers and servants and to speak into society through their work, their finances and their dreams.

We ask You to bring Your peace to those of us who are mourning the loss of a father figure. We also pray for anyone who finds Father’s day brings up uncomfortable emotions. We ask that You settle the hearts and minds of those who are feeling any sadness, confusion, guilt, resentment, bitterness, or anger.

We ask a blessing on men who would dearly love to be Dad’s that you would hear their prayers this year.

Bring someone to mind you know.

We pray for those who find the burden and responsibility of being a Dad heavy at times. We pray for those Dad’s who are struggling with the loss of a baby or child and for those caring for children as single Dads.
Perhaps in this moment think of someone you know who is bringing up children without support.

We pray for all our men that you would continue to inspire them to be like you. Father, remove any spirit of heaviness, and give them garments of praise. In due time, bless their lives to overflow with laughter and joy again. As they take refuge in You, please help them to put their trust in You. Holy Spirit,. Help them not to look back but to press forward.